The first sale in our new home

Hello everybody!

Leena here and I have to admit that hard work does pay off.  I am really excited to be able to say that this week we’re ready to start with renewed energies and looking forward to an exciting new future.  Ok, let me just not go ahead and go into one of my emotional oscar winner speeches and lets go on with what we’re here for.  This week we have added a few interesting and new stores to our team so i want to thank them all for joining us and i hope that  we can see your awesome products in our lists in the near future.

On to the list.  Lovely items that you must not miss, all of them at 50 lindens just for Friday so make sure you don’t miss any of them.  Remember that if you want to go directly to the individual stores all you need to do is click on the pictures and the landmark will pop up in another window.


Luna Bliss Home & Garden

WoW Skins


..::[Slave Den]::..

Velvet Snare

-MTC Designs-

Lushish Catz

Here are the Fabulous Fable Friday Designers!

Here are the current designers for Fable Fridays  the list is always growing and i love that.

Click on the logos to get a bigger picture and information about each store.

Thank you all the creators for becoming part of this humble family and for joining me in this adventure.


New home New spot…


hey everybody this is Leena… since we’ve just moved to a new home location i thought hell why not out with the old and in with the new.  So i have started our new blog, in a new home.  We’ve just moved from google sites to wordpress hoping that it will be better for us and easier for us.  Friday’s almost here and we are just about to get ready to launch the brand new sale list.  I want to thank the designers who always work hard and stand strong even when -she gets poetical now- the high tide of adversities hit us hard…. ok i should stop now otherwise ill let the caffeine talk for me and that is never pretty.  Newness is always good so In with the NEW!


Meet the Managers

As many of you already have heard we’re going through a bit of a restructuring therefore we no longer have the pleasure of working for MANGO.  The good thing about it is that Fable Fridays have gone independent now and well those who have stayed in the management team are working hard to make this group a success.  The face of the Fable Fridays group, the one you will be hearing from the most is our busiest bee, the one and only Mischa Tchailenov.  Owner and creator for MTC Designs and MTCouture.  And of course me Leena (Scarletsaphira Milos) so if you have any questions any conundrums, or anything other that you might need you can feel free to send Mischa or me an im and we’ll get back to you asap.

This is Mischa
Aint she a doll?

This is me Leena