Meet the Managers

As many of you already have heard we’re going through a bit of a restructuring therefore we no longer have the pleasure of working for MANGO.  The good thing about it is that Fable Fridays have gone independent now and well those who have stayed in the management team are working hard to make this group a success.  The face of the Fable Fridays group, the one you will be hearing from the most is our busiest bee, the one and only Mischa Tchailenov.  Owner and creator for MTC Designs and MTCouture.  And of course me Leena (Scarletsaphira Milos) so if you have any questions any conundrums, or anything other that you might need you can feel free to send Mischa or me an im and we’ll get back to you asap.

This is Mischa
Aint she a doll?

This is me Leena


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