Da list #18

Hey everybody its that time again… TGIF!… like always we have a very special list this week with very awesome items for sale only for today.  Now, we at fable fridays are always looking for ways to grow ways to expand our list and get these designers names out there, making them better known for their quality items.  In hopes of that we’re always evolving and changing hopefully for the better that’s why we’ve decided to do things a little bit different starting from this week on.  Ever since the begining of time… or at least from list 1 we’ve always been putting the pictures of our items in the notecard itself but we’ve decided to give the blog a chance to shine as well.  So from now on we’re just going to be showcasing the pictures here and we’ll leave the notecards without pictures.  That way if you want to see what the designers have you’ll have to visit their shops or stop by the blog and get the scoop… Anywhoo… enough of me talking about the list… how about i show you the list… ladies and gents…. here it is… la numero 18


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