List # 27

Apparently we are still on holiday time.

The list was out rather late today, but the designers have been asked if they choose to, to leave their items out

for the entire weekend! So it is not only Fable Fridays but Fabulous Fabelicious Weekend!

Da List #26

Hello to all the lovelies and handsomies out there!

Here is the list for this weeks Fable Fridays 50L Sale Day!

Special Thanks to all the supporters out there and the designers that take part in this awesome sale day!

WE *the management* get rave reviews about things and the variety is welcome amongst the customers, let us keep up the fabulousness!

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the sales list # 25

Hey everybody is Leena here…

     Last week we had awesome Misha posting it up for all of us at the blog and yep she survived her first post so WOO HOOO!!! give it up for Misha… aside from the fact that she didn’t break the blog we’ve been working hard on keeping everything up to date and pleasing to everybody as best as we can sooooo with that said Misha and I are still and always will be accepting suggestions all you need to do is drop us a comment or if you’re in world drop us a note-card in our suggestion box at the MTC main store landmark here —–>

     On other happier notes we’re also always still accepting new submissions for the list there is no charge for the designers although donations are always appreciated.  So if you have a store and want it to be considered for the 50l sales list all you need to do is submit the application form and TA-DA! we’ll get back to ya ASAP…
Anyways enough of my chatter and on to the good stuff what you usually come here for DA LISTS!! up next  are the pictures of the items up for sale this week… enjoy!

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Da List # 24

Hi all! It’s Mischa! I didn’t break the blog trying to do this…at least I hope I didn’t. Here is the list for week 24! November 1st! So very excited to see all of the fabulous designers taking part and creating some awesome deals for you all!

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