Da List #28

Here is the list for today! December 8th!

The 28th List!

Oh yeah don’t have much else to say about it except I’m going shopping!

Are you?!?!

Thank you to all the fabulous designers that offer such awsome deals!

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-DOMINIQUE-Cocktail Dress-SP _EATme_  Fruitcake _EATme_ Bushe de noel _EATme_ Winter Wonder _HPC_ Christmas Sweaters Day Out LoveCats Fairest of them all Opium CouchAD Opium SeatAD Opium TableAD SaCaYa's Complete Outfit (F) Carlotta PIC SaCaYa's Full Body Tattoo Anne PIC SaCaYa's Gingerbread Man Ruffled Ankle Boots Creme PIC SaCaYa's Modern Mesh X-Mas Tree Green Wood with Song Menu PIC Summer Blue ToXiC HiGh--B-Queen Dress--Blue Flowers Mesh ToXiC HiGh--Stone Wash Jeans With Black Boxers ZimaAd



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