Fable Fridays is a 50 linden sale group unlike any other available in sl at the moment.  Yes we follow the usual store list theme like others but what sets us apart is the fact that we don’t box ourselves in one simple category.  We are in search for the most creative and interesting stores, weaving them together to form a Fable like no other. Each week the story continues, adding color and verse to fashion and creativity… Shabby, Modern, Vintage, Old world, Medieval, Gor, Role-play, furniture, accessories, gadgets! All are welcome! Applications will always be accepted in notecard form and reviewed by the group Administrators. Everyone will be responded to as quickly as possible. We will be beginning the group with 50 accepted designers.  We look forward to hearing from you in-world. For any questions regarding group status, member requirements, or otherwise, please contact Mischa Tchailenov OR Scarletsaphira Milos. Guidelines:

  • Group members are free to use the group chat as a social area. NO SPAMMING or harassment will be tolerated!
  • Group spam violaters and anyone harassing members or causing problems will be ejected.
  • All designers accepted must be content creators with original works NO BUSINESS IN A BOX , FRANCHISE, OR RESALE BUSINESSES!
  • Theme ideas will be welcomed if you have any you would like to see done.
  • All participating stores must put their notecard in the Design Box by Thursday of the week they are registering for.
  • The List will be passed to group members on Thursday nights.
  • If you move, you must provide an updated landmark attached to a notecard note in the Designer Dropbox.
  • Sale items need to be posted for sale by Midnight SLT on the previous Thursday and taken up the following day. (A FINAL GUIDELINE NOTECARD WILL BE PASSED IN GROUP INCASE OF REVISIONS).
  •  Feel free to contact us if you have issues or questions.

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