the list number 51

apparently the gerbils were not working propely last night =giggles= but the important thing is that they are working hard now double time to get you the

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the list #50

Here it is ladies the grandiouse list nnumber 50, its been a long journey we’ve gone and may this one be just a celebration and a wish for more to come..


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The list #49

Hello lovelies, after a long stint in the rl pen im finally back working the list… mostly because my lovely friend mischa needs to focus now on her rl so here we go… first of all i want to thank her because without her well there would be no FF list… ANYWAYS… on to the important stuff…. here’s list number 49… happy shopping everybody!


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the sales list # 25

Hey everybody is Leena here…

     Last week we had awesome Misha posting it up for all of us at the blog and yep she survived her first post so WOO HOOO!!! give it up for Misha… aside from the fact that she didn’t break the blog we’ve been working hard on keeping everything up to date and pleasing to everybody as best as we can sooooo with that said Misha and I are still and always will be accepting suggestions all you need to do is drop us a comment or if you’re in world drop us a note-card in our suggestion box at the MTC main store landmark here —–>

     On other happier notes we’re also always still accepting new submissions for the list there is no charge for the designers although donations are always appreciated.  So if you have a store and want it to be considered for the 50l sales list all you need to do is submit the application form and TA-DA! we’ll get back to ya ASAP…
Anyways enough of my chatter and on to the good stuff what you usually come here for DA LISTS!! up next  are the pictures of the items up for sale this week… enjoy!

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The list #22

hey everybody welcome to list number 22…

this week we are welcoming a new store to the family so welcome toxic high!

here’s the items up for sale this week its close to Halloween week and we have tons of great items all for you… enjoy!

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Friday number 21!!!

It is that time of the week where we set aside everything we have and we go SHOPPING!… Halloween is drawing near and we have some very sexy spoktacular items for sale this week so make sure you go visit all your favorite stores and get the items and while you’re at it don’t forget to add yourself to the group so you can stay up to date on all the weekly sales we have.

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Da List #20

so we’ve come so far from where we started…

and we are continuously growing and adding new designers to the family that would put things out that would be awesome additions to your collections so get on to shopping lovelies…

here’s this weeks items..

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Da List number 19…. Sept 28, 2012

Hey everybody its Leena again… I always tell you how excited I am about this list and the items and all that but really who wouldn’t be excited with all the good things they put out just for us… here it is without much preamble this weeks list… wooo!… goodness….


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Da list #18

Hey everybody its that time again… TGIF!… like always we have a very special list this week with very awesome items for sale only for today.  Now, we at fable fridays are always looking for ways to grow ways to expand our list and get these designers names out there, making them better known for their quality items.  In hopes of that we’re always evolving and changing hopefully for the better that’s why we’ve decided to do things a little bit different starting from this week on.  Ever since the begining of time… or at least from list 1 we’ve always been putting the pictures of our items in the notecard itself but we’ve decided to give the blog a chance to shine as well.  So from now on we’re just going to be showcasing the pictures here and we’ll leave the notecards without pictures.  That way if you want to see what the designers have you’ll have to visit their shops or stop by the blog and get the scoop… Anywhoo… enough of me talking about the list… how about i show you the list… ladies and gents…. here it is… la numero 18


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