the list number 51

apparently the gerbils were not working propely last night =giggles= but the important thing is that they are working hard now double time to get you the

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the list #50

Here it is ladies the grandiouse list nnumber 50, its been a long journey we’ve gone and may this one be just a celebration and a wish for more to come..


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List #41

Forty First Week Is A Go!

Some lovely things will be on sale this week!

Don’t miss out!

Definitely worth the shopping!

Da List #35

Hello to all the fabulous people out there!

Here are the photos for this weeks list!

**From now on the list will be coming out a touch early**

Why? You might ask…hehe better to be early than late…because *cough cough* the management fell asleep at her keyboard…

_HPC_ Strapless Gown-HotPink Brutal-Love-Broken-Heart-Desk chillax blue Cursed treasuread Tree Lovely - White Flowers Wonderland-Topiary-Pillars

…List #33…

Here we go again! List #33 for Fable Fridays!

May the New Year be filled with awesome-ness and

more fantastic deals than every before!

Here we go!

Da List #28

Here is the list for today! December 8th!

The 28th List!

Oh yeah don’t have much else to say about it except I’m going shopping!

Are you?!?!

Thank you to all the fabulous designers that offer such awsome deals!

[LIV-Glam]-WINTER-2012-DOMINIQUE-Cocktail Dress-SP _EATme_  Fruitcake _EATme_ Bushe de noel _EATme_ Winter Wonder _HPC_ Christmas Sweaters Day Out LoveCats Fairest of them all Opium CouchAD Opium SeatAD Opium TableAD SaCaYa's Complete Outfit (F) Carlotta PIC SaCaYa's Full Body Tattoo Anne PIC SaCaYa's Gingerbread Man Ruffled Ankle Boots Creme PIC SaCaYa's Modern Mesh X-Mas Tree Green Wood with Song Menu PIC Summer Blue ToXiC HiGh--B-Queen Dress--Blue Flowers Mesh ToXiC HiGh--Stone Wash Jeans With Black Boxers ZimaAd


The list #22

hey everybody welcome to list number 22…

this week we are welcoming a new store to the family so welcome toxic high!

here’s the items up for sale this week its close to Halloween week and we have tons of great items all for you… enjoy!

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Friday number 21!!!

It is that time of the week where we set aside everything we have and we go SHOPPING!… Halloween is drawing near and we have some very sexy spoktacular items for sale this week so make sure you go visit all your favorite stores and get the items and while you’re at it don’t forget to add yourself to the group so you can stay up to date on all the weekly sales we have.

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Da List number 19…. Sept 28, 2012

Hey everybody its Leena again… I always tell you how excited I am about this list and the items and all that but really who wouldn’t be excited with all the good things they put out just for us… here it is without much preamble this weeks list… wooo!… goodness….


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